Liam McIlvanney and Alan Parks

Liam McIlvanney and Alan Parks

Liam McIlvanney & Alan Parks - Glasgow Crime from Home and Away

Two crime writers set their novels in Glasgow in the 70s – one writing in Glasgow, one in New Zealand!

The Heretic – Liam McIlvanney
Glasgow 1975. A deadly fire. An arson attack on a Glasgow warehouse causes the deaths of a young mother and child.
Police suspect it’s the latest act in a brutal gang warfare that’s tearing the city apart - one that DI Duncan McCormack has been tasked with stopping.
Five years ago he was walking on water as the cop who tracked down a notorious serial killer. But he made powerful enemies, and when a mutilated body is found in a Tradeston slum, McCormack is assigned a case that no one wants. The dead man is wearing a masonic ring, though, and Duncan realizes the victim is not the down-and-out his boss had first assumed.
May God Forgive – Alan Parks

Glasgow is a city in mourning. An arson attack on a hairdresser's has left five dead. Tempers are frayed and sentiments running high.

When three youths are charged the city goes wild. A crowd gathers outside the courthouse but as the police drive the young men to prison, the van is rammed by a truck, and the men are grabbed and bundled into a car. The next day, the body of one of them is dumped in the city centre. A note has been sent to the newspaper: one down, two to go.

Detective Harry McCoy has twenty-four hours to find the kidnapped boys before they all turn up dead, and it is going to mean taking down some of Glasgow's most powerful people to do it . . .

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Liam McIlvanney and Alan Parks