Donna McLean - Small Town Girl

Donna McLean - Small Town Girl

Donna McLean in conversation with Mary Turner Thomson

A voice at the centre of the Spy Cops scandal. The great love story of Donna McLean's life wasn't just built on lies, it was one.

You live with someone for two years and then...they simply don't exist.
Over 40 years, two British police units acted undercover to infiltrate activist groups. At least 20 of those officers deliberately targeted women and entered relationships with them. One of those women was Donna McLean. Small Town Girl is her story.
Men wrote the police files. They wrote the scripts and the headlines. Men wrote the court orders to make the women anonymous, and men will sit in judgement at the coming public inquiry. In a system that doesn't see women, you have to fight to be heard. When they take your identity, you have to find your voice.

Learning the truth nearly destroyed her - but an accidental activist was born.
Donna will be in conversation with Mary Turner Thomson, author of The Psychopath and The Bigamist.

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Donna McLean - Small Town Girl